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The Janus - September 2006

Join Arthur Williams and his sons as he retraces his steps as a World War II Driver in the article “Journey Back: An AFS Driver's Memories of France, 1944-45” in this issue.

  • Publication Year: 2006

The Latin at War

A most admirably written and moving book, dwelling on the first two years of the war along the Franco-Italian front. Some of the author's most interesting episodes, especially in Chapter 6, "Beyond Verdun," and Chapter 7, "A Drive with the Kid," are based on his relations with Sections Two, Three, Four, and Eight of the American Field Service.

'Bibliography of the Field Service', The History of the American Field Service in France, "Friends of France", 1914-1917, Vol. III, p. 556.

  • Publication Year: 1917

The Letters and Journal of Brand Whitlock

Volume 1, the Letters; Volume 2, the Journal.


Brand Whitlock (1869-1934) was the U.S. envoy and plenipotentiory minister to Belgium during World War I and instrumental in ensuring that the food sent to Belgium by the CRB actually went to the Belgian people.

  • Publication Year: 1936

The Long Voyage: Selected Letters of Malcolm Cowley, 1915-1987

Critic, poet, editor, chronicler of the “lost generation,” and elder statesman of the Republic of Letters, Malcolm Cowley (1898–1989) was an eloquent witness to much of twentieth-century American literary and political life. These letters, the vast majority previously unpublished, provide an indelible self-portrait of Cowley and his time, and make possible a full appreciation of his long and varied career.

  • Publication Year: 2014

The Note-Book of an Attaché

Seven Months in the War Zone


Eric Fisher Wood (1889-1962) was studying architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris when the war broke out in the summer of 1914.

This note-book covers the time from August 1914 to the end of January 1915.

  • Publication Year: 1916

The Road Past Mandalay

Account of a British officer in WWII.

John Masters was commissioned into the Gurkha Rifles on the eve of the Second World War and rose to command one of the Chindit columns fighting behind the lines against the Japanese in Burma. He left the Army after the war to pursue a career as a novelist.

  • Publication Year: 1961

The Story of the First Flag

An account compiled from his letters and other documents of the mission of Arthur Clifford Kimber, killed in action September 26, 1918, who in May, 1917, carried to France the first American flag authorized by the United States Government to be borne at the front. This flag, destined for the first Stanford unit, Section Fourteen, was presented on June 4, 1917, at Tréveray, France.

'Books by Field Service Men', The History of the American Field Service in France, "Friends of France", 1914-1917, Vol. III, p. 555.

  • Publication Year: 1920

The Truth about the Treaty

M. Tardieu gets nothing second-hand. He was a participant in the events of which he writes. As a member of the Chamber of Deputies, he knew the currents of French political life, and he can write understandingly of the causes leading up to the great conflict...  [Foreword]

  • Publication Year: 1921