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Sheahan, Henry Beston

Sheahan, Henry Beston Courtesy of the Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs.
  • When: WWI
  • Where: France
  • Category of People: WWI Driver
  • 2nd Image: 2nd Image
  • Last Name: Sheahan
  • Given Name(s): Henry Beston
  • Born: June 1, 1888
  • Died: April 15, 1968
  • Section (WWI): S.S.U. 2
  • Length of Service (months): 7
  • Service Year(s): 1915-16
  • Home (at time of Enlistment in WWI): Topsfield, Mass.
  • Subsequent Service: Corr. U.S.N.
  • Education: Adams Academy; Harvard '09; Harvard '11
  • 1st Involvment with AFS: Date of Entry: August 1915

Henry Sheahan grew up in Quincy, MA where he attended Adams Academy. He earned his B.A. 1909 and M.A. 1911 from Harvard College. Prior to WWI he taught at the University of Lyon (France), before returning to Harvard in 1914.

He joined AFS in August 1915, serving with Section Two. He described his service as ambulance driver in A Volunteer Poilu, his first book. In 1918, Sheahan became a press representative for the U.S. Navy.

After World War One, Sheahan began writing fairy tales under the name "Henry Beston".

His most famous book, The Outermost House, was published in 1928. It is considered as one of the factors behind the establishment of the Cape Cod National Seashore.