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The AFS Virtual Museum is a project sponsored by the AFS Foundation and implemented, with the support of AFS International, in collaboration with the Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs (AFS Archives, New York). The AFS Story showcases virtual exhibition rooms, each representing a period or a decade in the history of AFS from World War One to the 1990s. It is complemented by The Archive - a comprehensive collection of  material on the history of AFS consisting of documents, letters, images, video clips, audio files, literature and some biographical information on ambulance drivers.

The Virtual Museum is an on-going project that continues to grow and develop as material is received, processed and incorporated.

Concept, graphic design and implementation
creative team of mediawerk, 8404 Winterthur under the direction of Stefan Müller.

mediawerk is a social integration enterprise of the Quellenhof-Stiftung that provides sheltered workplaces for underpriviledged young people.

Flash programming
Severin Gehring, Dissenter GmbH, 8400 Winterthur.

AFS Foundation.

Unless otherwise noted the images are from our collections and are courtesy of the AFS Foundation. The owner of copyright for some of this material is unknown. Please contact AFS if you can hep identify the copyright holder(s).
See also Terms of Use.

Our sincere thanks go to our donors that made this project possible in the first place, as well as to the many contributors of images, documents and other media. Special thanks go to Alan Albright, who dedicated twenty years of his life to researching the history of AFS and gathering a wealth of information which he generously and unselfishly put at our disposition.