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Vaccinating Bedouins on The Move

Jim Hall, of the FAU [British Friends Ambulance Unit], is getting the vaccine ready at the rear door of my ambulance. Location: Syrian-Iraqi Desert.

Victory Celebration with British Friends

Crammed in here with us were all the junior officers of the 51st Medium Artillery: (L. to R.) [Left to Right], Bill Cobb, Gordon Ellis, Bombardier Jones (Medical Orderly), Bob Orton (AFS Volunteer), Dick Corse, Doc Brown, Tom Jones. At midnight, the Colonel whom we had neglected to invite, torpedoed our party, said we were too rowdy, and sent us all to bed. We had been through a lot together, had bonded, and remained in touch for many years after the war. Location: In the Back of My Ambulance, Tunisia.

War is Hell for Donkeys...

I think this might have been an office or a store, into which this ownerless donkey wandered. Except for the blurred memories that peak out from my photos like this one, I have blocked out almost all of the details of that part of the war. The scorched earth policy of the retreating German Army combined with the results of the many months of fierce fighting over every foot of the way from the Sangro to Ortona, have left few buildings intact and most civilians destitute. Location: Fossacesia.