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War is Hell for Donkeys...

I think this might have been an office or a store, into which this ownerless donkey wandered. Except for the blurred memories that peak out from my photos like this one, I have blocked out almost all of the details of that part of the war. The scorched earth policy of the retreating German Army combined with the results of the many months of fierce fighting over every foot of the way from the Sangro to Ortona, have left few buildings intact and most civilians destitute. Location: Fossacesia.


In the Suq, they sell, make, or fix anything. It’s a good place to sit and talk in almost any language. One Arab rug merchant explained to me in Spanish that a man who speaks only one language is only worth one man, but a man who speaks two languages is worth ten men. However, he said a man who speaks three languages is as valuable as a whole platoon, and a man who speaks five languages is better than a whole army. Location: The Suq, Damascus, Syria.