"21" Field Service Headquarters



Anne Depaulis

FROM REDNECKS TO RED CHINA is a collection of anecdotes related to my stay in Beijing in 1986, which I started to write in the late 90's.

19th-Century Roots


American Volunteerism in France

Alan Albright

The Development of relief work, in and out of war.

Chinese Cuisine (6/8)

Anne Depaulis

The Chinese cuisine we ate everyday was not what we expected.

Destination Beijing (1/8)

Anne Depaulis

I flew to China for the first time, in 1986, to be a student of Mandarin for six months in Beijing.

Florence Nightingale


Flying Pigeons (4/8)

Anne Depaulis

Shortly after my arrival, I purchased a second-hand bicycle...

Friendly Adventurers


From Rednecks to Red China (2/8)

Anne Depaulis

In the early 70's, I was the odd one to study Chinese in France. In those days, what inspired me, besides Pearl Buck's novels and "The Blue Lotus", was the challenge of a difficult language.

Groupe Erhardt (TMU 133)

Groupe Genin (TMU 526)

Groupe Hémart (TMU 397)

Henry Sleeper


Judy Bruckner on Writing about her Grandfather's WWI Experience

Judy A. Bruckner

How "a black, leather-bound album containing photographs, and a one-year diary by a 19-year old ambulance driver named Charles C. Leonard, Judy's grandfather" became a book over 100 years later.

Keeping warm (5/8)

Anne Depaulis

In the 80's, Northern China was bitterly cold in the winter, outdoors as much as indoors, despite central heating.

Myron T. Herrick


Friend of France

Notable American Volunteers of the Great War

Alan Albright

In the fall of 1914, the United States had three ambassadors in Paris...

Return to Cassino

Jerry Wright

In Spring 2019, American Field Service ambulance driver John Wright, accompanied by his son Jerry, returned to visit a place and time like no other in his long eventful life

Robert Bacon


Rosine Crémieux: une ancienne à l'itinéraire bien particulier.

Section Eight (SSU 8) – Part I

Section 8 left Paris May, 1916; it became Section 628 in September,1917.

Section Eight (SSU 8) – Part II

Section Eighteen (SSU 18)

Section 18 left Paris May, 1917; with men from Section 70, it became Section 636 in November, 1917.

Section Fifteen (SSU 15) – Part I

Section 15 left Paris April, 1917; it became Section 633 November,1917.

Section Fifteen (SSU 15) – Part II

Section Four (SSU 4) – Part I

Section 4 left Paris November, 1915; it became Section 627 in September 1917.

Section Four (SSU 4) – Part II

Section Fourteen (SSU 14)

Section 14 left Paris March, 1917; it became Section 632, December,1917.

Section Nine (SSU 9)

Section 9 left Paris August, 1916; it became Section 629, September,1917.

Section Nineteen (SSU 19) – Part I

Section 19 left Paris May, 1917, and became Section 637 September,1917.

Section Nineteen (SSU 19) – Part II

Section One (SSU 1) – Part I

Section 1 left Paris January, 1915; it became Section 625 in September, 1917.

Section One (SSU 1) – Part II

Section One continued (Part II)

Section One (SSU 1) – Part III

Section One continued (Part 3)

Section One (SSU 1) – Part IV

Section One (SSU 1) – Part V

Section Seventeen (SSU 17) – Part I

Section 17 left Paris April, 1917 and became Section 635, November,1917.

Section Seventeen (SSU 17) – Part II

Section Seventy (SSU 70)

Section 70 left for the Front July, 1917; it became Section 636 with the Ford cars of Section 18, November, 1917.

Section Seventy-One (SSU 71)

Section 71 left for the Front August, 1917; it became Section 641 with Section 29 in November, 1917.

Section Seventy-Two (SSU 72)

Section 72 left for the Front August, 1917; it became Section 639, with cars of Section 27, in November, 1917.

Section Sixteen (SSU 16)

Section 16 left Paris April, 1917 and became Section 634, November,1917.

Section Sixty-Eight (SSU 68)

Section 68 left for the Front July, 1917; became Section 621,September, 1917.

Section Sixty-Five (SSU 65)

Section 65 left for the Front June, 1917 and became Section 622 in September, 1917.

Section Sixty-Four (SSU 64)

Section 64 left for the Front June, 1917; it ceased to exist upon the militarization of the Service.

Section Sixty-Nine (SSU 69)

Section 69 left for the Front July, 1917, it became Section 638 with the Ford cars of Section 26.

Section Sixty-Seven (SSU 67)

Section 67 left for the Front July, 1917; it became Section 624 in September, 1917.

Section Sixty-Six (SSU 66)

Section 66 left for the Front July, 1917; it became Section 623 in September, 1917.

Section Ten (SSU 10) – Part I

Section 10 left Paris for Salonica in December, 1916; it was dissolved upon return to France in October, 1917.