Section Ten (SSU 10) – Part II

Section Thirteen (SSU 13)

Section 13 left Paris March, 1917, and became Section 631 in September, 1917.

Section Thirty (SSU 30)

Section 30 left Paris July, 1917 and became Section 642, with men of Section 18, in October, 1917.

Section Thirty-One (SSU 31)

Section 31 left Paris July, 1917, and became Section 643 in September 1917.

Section Thirty-Three (SSU 33)

Section 33 left Paris August, 1917 became Section 645, November,1917.

Section Thirty-Two (SSU 32)

The New York City Club Unit
Section 32 left Paris August, 1917; it became Section 644, in November, 1917.

Section Three (SSU 3) – Part I

Section 3 left Paris April 1915 served on the Western Front, then in the Orient. It was dissolved in October 1917.

Section Three (SSU 3) – Part II

On the Western Front

Section Three (SSU 3) – Part III

In the Orient

Section Three (SSU 3) – Part IV

In the Orient

Section Twelve (SSU 12)

Section 12 left Paris February, 1917 and became Section 630 of the U.S.A. Ambulance Service in October 1917.

Section Twenty-Eight (SSU 28)

Section 28 left Paris June, 1917, and became Section 640 September, 1917.

Section Twenty-Nine (SSU 29)

Section 29 left Paris June 1917; became Section 641 with men of Section 71 in November, 1917.

Section Twenty-Seven (SSU 27)

Section 27 left Paris June, 1917; together with Section72 became Section 639 in November, 1917.

Section Twenty-Six (SSU 26)

Section 26 left Paris May, 1917; became Section 638 with men of Section 69 in October, 1917.

Section Two (SSU 2) – Part I

Section 2 left Paris April, 1915; it became Section 626 in September,1917.

Section Two (SSU 2) – Part II

Section Two (SSU 2) – Part III

Settling in Beijing (3/8)

Anne Depaulis

The day after my arrival in Beijing, my roommate flew in from the U.S. and, by coincidence, her name was also Anne. That greatly puzzled our new Chinese friends...

The AFS Song

Nobuo Funabashi

«Walk together, talk together,
all ye peoples of the earth;
then and only then
shall ye have peace.»

The American Field Service Fellowships for French Universities


The American Field Service (AFS) Fellowships for French Universities was a scholarship program established in December 1919. The Fellowship program funded students on the graduate level to travel to and from France for advanced study...

The American Hospital of Paris


The Parent Institution of the American Ambulance

The Chinese and the French (8/8)

Anne Depaulis

At some point, I had to remind the Administration of my college that I was supposed to teach as well as study...

The Field Service and the French Army


The French Officers

The Réserve Mallet

The Field Service's Military Transport Sections

Thomas W. Evans - A Philadelphian "Yankee" at the Court of Napoleon III

Alan Albright

The American Dentist in Paris

Vosges Detachment

Joseph R. Greenwood

To continue in Alsace the work of Sections Three and Nine in December, 1916, the Vosges Detachment of six ambulances went to Willer...

We Are the Loyal Guards (7/8)

Anne Depaulis

Chinese students were free to mingle with us but we were aware of being watched all the time.