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Memories of a WW1 Ambulance Driver

as told by Charles C. Leonard, Sr.

Bruckner, Judy A.
WWI driver
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Explore camp life, war hardships, and devastation, narrow escapes, historical firsts, and little-known facts of serving in the Great War.


From the back cover:

Step back to 1917 into the shoes of a fatherless 19-year-old expriencing the perils of war behind the wheel of his "Little Garlic" Ford.

Refused at first by the armed forces, Charles Leonard enters WW1 as a volunteer for the Ambulance Field Service. Even if Charles didn't plan on future generations reading his diary, the idea of leaving a little something behind for the folks back home consoled him each time he ventured to the front. His diary, letters home, and photos represent his harrowing experiences during the Great War.

It was rare for servicemen to carry a camera, yet Charles utilizes his trusty Kodak 1A to capture history and a little extra income to send home. Journey through the countryside to visualize the destruction and hardships that war brings from the 900-plus never before published photos (most taken by Charles). Some of his accounts challenge written history.

An ambulance driver drove under hazardous conditions over muddy and torn roads in the midst of enemy shell-fire. They displayed under difficult circumstances outstanding evidence of devotion and bravery. Ignoring peril and exhaustion, their only concern was for the wounded they carried to field hospitals. Their noble task was much appreciated by the French armed forces they served.

This book encourages self-discovery into WW1 from the images, artifacts, and maps preserved. Included are stories shared by fellow servicemen of USAAS 644 and the 37th French (Moroccan) Infantry as they zig-zag across the Western front chasing the enemy back to Germany.

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