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Ambulance 464

  • License: not in copyright.
  • Creator: Bryan, Julien H., 1899-1974
  • Status: In Collection
  • When: WWI
  • Where: France
  • Category of People: WWI Driver
  • Publisher: The MacMillan Company
  • Place of Publication: New York
  • Publication Year: 1918
  • Number of Pages: 220

Encore des Blessés.


The author was a Princeton Freshman of seventeen, and a member of Section Twelve from January to July, 1917; an excellent example of the way our American college youth entered into the true spirit of the contest on the Western Front. Many illustrations. The introduction is by the Reverend Lyman Abbott.

'Books by Field Service Men', The History of the American Field Service in France, "Friends of France", 1914-1917, Vol. III, p. 553.

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