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Walk Together, Talk Together

  • License: In copyright. All Rights Reserved
  • Creator: Kinkhead, Katharine T.
  • Status: In Collection
  • Publisher: W.W: Norton & Company Inc.
  • Publication Year: 1962
The American Field Service Student Exchange Program

From the dust jacket:

"We AFSers from a net that encompasses the whole world. ..." "The AFS year was the most important year of my life." These comments represent the viewpoint of thousands of young people of many nations who have received American Field Service International Scholarships. The program, begun in a modest way in 1948, has rapidly expanded under the spirited leadership of Stephen Galatti, but its success is also due to the zeal of the AFSers themselves, who have proved to be first-class ambassadors. In Walk Together, Talk Together, Katharine Kinhead has written an informative and moving book about the AFS exchange program and its diversified operations. She discusses the selection of students to be sponsored, the selection of host families, the meticulous and engrossing process of matching the student and family best suited to one another (Indonesians, for instance, find it easier to adapt to large families). Mrs. Kinkead describes the adjustment problems which occur because of differing national customs, and the determination of the AFSers to meet the challenge of these adjustments. In telling of conversations with the AFSers and quoting from their letters, she gives glimpses of how teenagers see life in other countries, a bright kaleidoscopic picture of new activities, broadening attitudes, and lasting ties of affection. Walk Together, Talk Together is a vivid account of a dynamic program that each year gives several thousand young people from all over the world the chance to gain new knowledge and understanding of America, and gives a reciprocal opportunity to young Americans.