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With the American Ambulance Field Service in France

  • License: not in copyright.
  • Creator: Buswell, Leslie, 1890- : Sleeper, Henry Davis, 1878-1934, ed
  • When: WWI
  • Category of People: WWI Driver
  • Publisher: Printed only for private distribution
  • Publication Year: 1916
  • Edition: 2nd edition

Personal Letters of a Driver at the Front


From the preface:

These letters, according to ordinary ethics in such matters, should not, perhaps, be published. They were merely intended as tributes of friendship and remembrance. Casually written --- in pencil often --- at moments between duties, with no thought of their being destined to any further purpose than that distance and absence might count a little less through the pictures they would give of a day's work far away.

Excepting that here and there in each letter a few details quite personal have been omitted, and of course the names of places sometimes changed, they are untouched. Their author has had no chance to revise them, nor, it must be confessed, has his consent to their printing been asked.


The first edition was printed in October 1915.

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This book was duplicated as Ambulance No. 10 in 1916.