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Williams College in the World War

  • License: copyright unknown.
  • Creator: Wood, Frederic T.
  • Publisher: Trustees of Willaims College
  • Place of Publication: Williamstown
  • Publication Year: 1926
  • Number of Pages: 504

... on January 11th, 1917, the sum of $1,600.00 was subscribed at the College for the purchase and maintenance in France for one year of a Williams ambulance. Additional subscriptions amounting to $12,000.00 were secured at a Williams meeting attended by about eight hundred people and held in the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel in New York on May 18th; contributions made by alumni and friends of the College, both before and after the meeting, increased the total to $19,600.00, a sum sufficient to provide sixteen ambulances for the American Field Service.

Excerpt from first chapter 'Our Book of Remembrance'.