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Adams, Charles Kendrick, Jr.

* 1917/08/03† 1944/01/14

WWII driver
Middle East
Moundsville Central

Courtesy of The Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs

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CHARLES K. ADAMS died on January 20th 1944 somewhere in the European Area. He was being repatriated to this country on a hospital ship after a period of illness in the Middle East. He was keen and eager to go overseas and be of service. He fulfilled this desire until his health broke down when it was necessary for him to come back, but, before reaching the home port, he succumbed to the illness with which he was afflicted shortly after his arrival overseas.

__ AFS Letters No. 22


At the end of this period there was one more casualty no less tragic than the others. Charles Kendrick Adams, Jr., died on 14 January while being repatriated by hospital ship. He had been keen and eager to be of service, and he fulfilled this desire until his health broke. Unfortunately, before he could reach home he succumbed to the illness which had stricken him shortly after his arrival overseas.

__ George Rock. Chapter 7. "Italy 1. Termoli, Volturno-Monte Camino, Trigno-Sangro-Ortona (1 October 1943 to 14 January 1944)" History of the American Field Service, 1920-1955. New York 1956.




CM 47
Home at time of enlistment
Charleston, W. Va., USA
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